About Namtel


was established to cater to the Civil and electrical construction of Telecom infrastructure.The small company transformed in to reliable contracting company by supporting its clients.

Key Mile stones

Year 2004 - Expanded nation wide its Optical Fiber and Cellular tower business
Year 2007 - Converted to Private Limited Company registered with ROC Gwalior
Year 2010 - Entered into Solar and Power Plant Sector
Year 2013 - First Solar Project with Entire Civil and Electrical Work.
Year 2017 - Started Supplies of Agricultural and Construction machinery.
Year 2019 - Ventured into Nepal for Industrial Construction works.

We Plan to venture in to Hydropunics , 3 D printing and Internet of Things in the years to come.


ASAD MAHBOOB - MANAGING DIRECTOR He is a Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience in telecom and industrial construction sectors and possesses excellent project management skills. Namtel is his brain child and he has brought the company to its current stature and is the guiding force for its team. A dynamic entrepreneur, he has excellent analytical skills and ability to turn the tables in his favour.He is known for following a strict code of professional ethics and places the highest priority on fulfilling promises and commitments made. With his high risk‐taking capacity, he can create business opportunities where none existed.

NAILA KHAN - DIRECTOR She has a Masters degree in finance along‐with 16 years of experience in financial management. She has worked with international banks as ADCB & DIB .She has been with Namtel since inception and arranged all unsecured loans and looked after the accounts and cash flow management. She is a tough administrator with good knowledge of finance.

DILIP CHATURVEDI - Project Head He is Electronics Engineer with 12 yearsproject managmenet experience . He has managed various projects and completed in time with quality .


We have collaborated with different companies to provide complete solutions .
Helios Ventos for Solar EPC solutions.
Technical Tie Up on Anvil for Agricultural Implements.
Manufacturing of plastering and other construction machineries